So I have to make a confession, I have a serious love affair with dark chocolate! I literally do not eat any dark chocolate lower than 85%, and call me crazy, but the darker the chocolate, the richer the taste, and the healthier it is for you! Usually like most women I go through my monthly pms lady phases, which often includes mild acne, fatigue, and the enemy BLOATING! It is frustrating because even when I know my fitness levels are high and my diet is clean, the bloating still gives me a false idea of what my actual toning progress looks like and it sucks! You can tell i’m going through it right now based on my rant, however it isn’t all negative. The more core training and clean eating you exercise, the less bloating you will have because your stomach muscles will tone and tighten overtime, which will enable it retain less water that causes you to bloat. Dark chocolate is also a good way to reduce bloating, which is why i’m posting this recipe because it helps curb your cravings and you only require a small amount to do that! Plus it is packed with tons of nutrients and minerals which boost your iron levels and your energy. Anyways rant over, eat your dark chocolate!


3 fresh organic kiwis
8 squares of PC organic dark chocolate or 1/4 cup dark chocolate chips (camimo is a good brand)
1/4 cup coconut oil
1/2 tsp apple spice
1/4 cup crushed macadamia and unsweetened shredded coconut (or toppings of choice).

Slice kiwis into medium circles and place on a popsicle or skewer stick.
Place the kiwi popsicles on parchment paper or a non stick tray and place in the freezer for 12 hours.
When ready, melt dark chocolate in a saucepan with coconut oil over low heat (you don’t want it to get bubbly).
When ready, dip kiwi popsicles into chocolate (it should freeze up on contact) and dip in toppings of choice.
Place popsicles back in the freezer for 10 minutes and enjoy when ready!

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